Digital Out of Home Advertising
combined with EV charging


Combining ads with charging

Ad Charge provide Cities, Building Owners and Companies with a free EV charge infrastructure.

Ad Charge media

55 inch DOOH digital screen. Built-in smart charging.


Delivering innovative and information sharing solutions for your business, city or community globally.


Charging points with varying speed, based upon location to make day to day life easier for EV drivers.

For cities

Charging solutions with Digital information & Advertising for your city. Ad Charge support municipalities in the rollout of charging networks that can grow alongside the number of EV drivers in your area together with Digital screens strategically placed to communicate.

  • Provide charging solutions for all EV drivers
  • Stimulate sustainable transport as a viable option
  • Cut emissons
  • Contribute to noise reduction
  • Help prevent traffic & congestions via smart location planning
  • Reach out with information locally via digital screens

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Building owners

Charging solutions for where you live and work with Digital information reach. Ad Charge can help your business increase a better environmental footprint by providing EV chargers with Digital Outdoor information to your employees and/or customers, no matter your business.

  • Smart charging solutions for home & office
  • 99% uptime
  • EV Cloud based services monitoring and allowing various payment formats
  • A secure energy network, open to all
  • Reach out & Advertise your business or information to employees/customers
  • Electrify fleets

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Out and about

Charging solutions when you are out and about. Ad Charge are increasing the EV Charging network and speed of charging by rolling out points where people want to be and charge their cars. Reach out to your customers via strategically placed digital screens and advertise your services.

  • Flexible charging solutions to match you and your customers needs
  • EV Cloud based services monitoring and allowing payment solutions
  • Reach your customers with advertising via Digital Outdoor screens
  • Quick EV charging availability

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